Vivaldi partners with Financial Professionals to offer a wide range of differentiated investment solutions and proprietary technology


Today’s sophisticated investors expect a differentiated suite of investment solutions, yet at the same time, the role of financial advisors goes far beyond selecting strategies and allocating portfolios. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive set of institutional-quality strategies allowing you to spend more time understanding and solving client problems. We are committed to providing unparalleled service, objective advice and turnkey solutions when working with advisors.


The principals of Vivaldi have been managing private investments for its advisory clients since the 1990s. The platform offerings have always included options from a list of select hedge fund, real estate and private equity managers through direct investments and allocation vehicles. Vivaldi formally launched its private investment platform in 2013 and dedicated that infrastructure to its investment advisory business. Today, Vivaldi works with approximately 20 family office clients and 5 institutional relationships to provide its proprietary technology and infrastructure.

Examples of Our Partnership With Clients

Vivaldi’s capabilities are used differently by our partner firms to help meet unique business
initiatives and client objectives.

Case Study 1

We provide niche private equity & real estate investments in the most cost and tax efficient

Partnership Description

The firm is a $3 billion Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in the greater Chicago area. The firm has been providing high-quality, customized, wealth planning services for decades but was looking to leverage Vivaldi Investment Research for its sourcing and underwriting of more niche real estate and private equity opportunities. The firm partnered with Vivaldi Investment Research and has been leveraging our expertise on the private investment side as well as our technology, infrastructure and operational support.

Client Need

The firm was seeking a more scalable, client-friendly solution than a traditional feeder-style vehicle to better support the firm’s existing private investment program. In addition, the partner firm is looking to gain access to Vivaldi’s approved platform of private alternative managers.

Vivaldi Solution

The partner firm leverages Vivaldi for our unique combination of sourcing real estate & private equity as well as improving the (private investment) client experience through Vivaldi’s proprietary investment vehicle. Partnering with Vivaldi allows the firm to access all approved investments under a master fund “umbrella”. The vehicle contains a distinct class for each investment, allowing the firm to determine which combination of investments fits their investment objectives. As the new opportunities arise, Vivaldi and the firm proactively collaborate on which opportunities could fit as an allocation for its high-end clients. Lastly, Vivaldi’s platform provides for easy subscription, one consolidated K-1 (regardless of the number of private investments) and a single client statement for an improved client experience.

Case Study 2

Our portfolio strategies alleviate many of the day-to-day tasks associated with constructing client portfolios (i.e. investment strategy implementation, ongoing monitoring and rebalancing, etc.)

Partnership Description

The firm is a $9 billion integrated platform of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) headquartered in the Midwest. The firm provides advisors help with a marketing plan, a website optimized to drive leads, a social media strategy to help with referrals, and coaching and full-service advisor support. The firm also has an in-house investment team focused on adding the right investment strategies for its partner advisors. The firm partnered with Vivaldi Investment Research to offer our portfolio strategies to its broader platform.

Client Need

The firm was seeking high-quality, turn-key portfolio strategies for income, total return, capital preservation and equity diversification to complement its current traditional investment platform and best-in-class strategic business initiatives platform.

Vivaldi Solution

The partner firm leverages Vivaldi Investment Research’s actively-managed portfolios across fixed income & alternative asset classes across the liquidity spectrum. Vivaldi Investment Research utilizes our internal portfolio management teams and extensive third-party manager network provide differentiated, institutional-quality investment strategies at a lower cost than competitors. Vivaldi has all investment minimums set to zero and no net worth requirements, providing all clients the ability to invest in its portfolio strategies.

Case Study 3

Aside from providing investment strategies to enhance client portfolios, we offer our proprietary technology and infrastructure as an efficient way to partner with Vivaldi and spend more time solving client problems.

Partnership Description

The firm is an $800 million multi-family office that specializes in areas beyond portfolio and investment management (e.g. philanthropic efforts). With that said, the firm also had a successful track record selecting one-off private partnership investments.

Client Need

As the firm’s revolving list of private investments grew, the firm needed a more scalable, client-friendly solution than the traditional feeder-style vehicles it was creating for each investment.

Vivaldi Solution

Vivaldi is currently in discussions to create a customized “Fund of One” for the firm. The solution will be a white-glove, multi-class vehicle where each investment is transferred-in and represented by its own respective class – like the proprietary infrastructure that Vivaldi dedicated to its own advisory business. Vivaldi will apply its existing line-up of top-tier service providers to the “Fund of One” to provide custody, administrative, audit and legal services. This solution allows for easy execution of initial and additional subscription paperwork that helps solve for the issue of scale and convenience with private investments. Another key benefit of this structure is although the firm has multiple investments, each investor will receive one consolidated K-1. In addition, Vivaldi is offering access to its platform of private investments, allowing the firm to determine which combination of Vivaldi-approved managers may fit their investment objectives.