Just the Facts – Four Essential Components of Smart Estate Planning: An Interview with Lou Harrison

During these uncertain times, there remains a degree of uncertainty on what the future holds for everyone. Unfortunately, Covid has focused people on the realization that they are not going to be around forever, and their estate plan should be in good order.

Asha Goldstein, Partner and Wealth Advisor at Vivaldi Capital Management, recently sat down with Lou Harrison on estate planning priorities during the age of Covid-19. Lou is an established partner at Harrison & Held, where he specializes in tax, corporate and estate planning strategies.

In this video Lou explains “just the facts” on what people need to consider when getting their estate in order, detailing four components of basic estate planning, which include:

  • Healthcare – Power of Attorney
  • Property – Power of Attorney
  • Creating a Will or Living Trust
  • Inventory of Assets

Click here to watch the interview.